Friday, August 6, 2010

Blackberry Storm 9530 - JVM error 102

Today I had to work on Blackberry storm 9530 getting a blank screen with a: JVM error 102 - Reset. No matter how many time you reset it will go back to the same white screen.

I did 4 master reset, 5 restore and did not work. It was a total disaster.

The step will involve using an application to delete the file causing the crash, perform a backup, reflash and set back to default, finally do a restore of the backup performed.

Follow these steps:

Step #1

Before starting make sure that BlackBerry Desktop Software is installed on the computer.

If you get "JVM Error 102" when starting your Blackberry, the JVM 102 error means that a .cod file on your phone is corrupted, so the phone refuses to load it. There might be 2 ways around this:

Follow these steps:
1. Download JL_Cmder
2. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable that came with it.
3. Run JL_Cmder and select option 2 (event log)
4. Scroll to the bottom of the log and look for "JVM Error 102." The line before it should tell you exactly what file is causing the error. It might look something like this. Save the file name; you will need it later.
5. Go to Start > Run, and type "cmd" then press Enter.
6. Change directory to the JL_Cmder installation folder.
e.g., type: cd "C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\" and press enter
7. Type the following command to remove the offending file:
javaloader.exe -u erase -f FILENAME
where FILENAME is the name of the .cod file.
8. Disconnect your phone from your PC and restart it.

NOTE: After phone restarts you should be able to perform the BACKUP with Blackberry desktop manager even if you dont see the screen. IF you followed these steps and you are still getting error. Then comeback to Step 1 and do this.
  1. Connect the Blackberry.
  2. Launh JL_cmander
  3. use option 4 to wipe the device. This will delete all files - OS and data - from your BB. The BB screen will show JVM Error 507. This means the BB has no files installed.
  4. go to Step #3 to restore the Blackberry firmware/OS


Users can perform a full or selective backup of the data using the Backup and Restore tool in BlackBerry Desktop Manager by completing the following steps:

1. Connect the BlackBerry device to the computer running BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
2. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
3. Double-click Backup and Restore.
4. Select Backup to perform a full backup or select Advanced to perform a backup of specific databases.
5. Choose a location to save the backup file, then click Save.


To perform a clean install of the BlackBerry Device Software, perform the following steps:

1. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer and open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
2. Double-click the Application Loader icon.
3. Click Next to start the installation process.
4. Type your BlackBerry smartphone password, if prompted, and click OK.
5. Click the check boxes next to the names of the applications you want to load, and then click Next.
6. Click Advanced, and then click the check box beside Erase all currently installed applications.
7. Click Next.
8. Click the check box next to Do not automatically backup the application data during the loading process.
9. Clear the box next to Backup and restore applications installed wirelessly.
10. Click Next > Finish.
11. When the process has completed, the message The loading operation was successful will appear. Click Close to return to BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Step #4
After everything load up and your phone is working properly do a final restore of the latest backup using BDM.


  1. This is the only method that I found actually works. Thank you for a tremendous help.

  2. im having trouble doing this cause i cannot get the JL_CMDER to open once i download it

  3. this was done using Windows XP what OS did you us?? did you try running as administrator?