Monday, March 21, 2011

Hiren’s CD – Creating Ghost32.uha with Uharc.exe

Hiren’s Boot cd is an awesome Boot CD and it contains all the free tools you need to fix any PC in trouble. One of the utilities I needed that was not included in the ISO file was Ghost32.exe. Ghost is a license product so in order to add Ghost functionality you will need your own licensed copy. This post will show you how to create an Ghost32.uha and insert it into the boot ISO.
Hiren’s creators made everything simple for us, when you hit the Ghost option in the HBCD menu | Programs you will see the following error:
File Misssing: HBCD\WinTools\Files\Ghost32.uha
use HBCDCustomizer.exe and add your files.
The error message above give a big hint on what is missing, where is the files supposed to be and what utility to use. Follow step below if you have no clue on how create the .uha file and create the new ISO boot image.

To create Ghost32.uha import into your Customized BootCD follow these steps:
  1. Go to the folder where your files original Hiren ISO files were extracted and click on HBCDCustomizer.exe.
  2. Click on Extract ISO
  3. image
  4. ISO file contents will be completely extracted into a folder called “MyBootCD” in your root or C: Drive.
  5. Create folder called c:\ghost or anything  you like.
  6. Copy C:\MyBootCD\CD\HBCD\uharc.exe and ghost32.exe to C:\ghost or the folder you created.|
  7. Open up CMD screen. (Start \ Run \ type CMD and hit enter)
  8. In the black CMD or dos prompt browse to that folder.
  9. --  cd \    >> change directory to root or C:\
  10. --  cd ghost   >> to change directory to c:\ghost
  11. --  you should see 2 files if you type dir command (uharc.exe and ghost32.exe)
  12. -- type uharc a Ghost32.uha ghost32.exe (this will create a Ghost32.uha file)
  13. image
  14. - Copy this Ghost32.uha file and save it under C:\MyBootCD\CD\HBCD\WinTools\Files
  15. - Once done copying the Ghost32.uha launch the HBCDCustomizer.exe window and click on "Make ISO" button or browse to C:\MyBootCD and click on “Make ISO.bat” batch file and this will create your new MyHBCD.iso.
  16. - Final step is to burn this into a CD and test it out.


  1. Thanks. Good Job. Was trying to figure out how to do this.

  2. how to create uha of a program with many files? .exe, .dat, etc...

  3. Hi uha is just like .zip,.rar or any compression format. If you use the uharc.exe you might have to use wildcard like *.* to compress everything in that folder. Or you can simply download a GUI version like WinUHA.

  4. amigo eu queria muito q vc fizece uma video aula pq eu nao consegui intender por favo me ajude

  5. Friends, when i want to restore norton ghost image file using HBCD 15.1 an error accures that !!File missing C:/HBCD/Dos/Ghost.7z!! label Not Found.
    how can i solve that problem.i am using OS Windows 7.

  6. hello bro my hirenbootcd 15.2 not open ghost32 file can u send me about this video tutorial of my id is plz tell me about this

    1. You need to have your own copy of Norton Ghost and get the ghost32 file from there.

  7. Friends, when i want to restore norton ghost image file using HBCD 15.2 an error accures that !!File missing C:/HBCD/Dos/Ghost.7z!! label Not Found.
    how can i solve that problem.i am using OS Windows xp.

    1. 7z! is another type of compressed files download 7-Zip to create these file. The problem is get your own copy of the Ghost32.exe this is a licensed product.

  8. And for 7Z?, As the process is done? ... Hirens Boot 15.2 since this almost poorly structured? ..

  9. Thank you very much for a best post that i was seeking

  10. Thanku very much...
    Yr post most usefull to me...

  11. I mede this tutorial, but i have the follow error... extracting files/ghost32.exe no files to process someone help me please

    1. The ghost32.exe is a licensed product and is not included in Hiren. You need to get a copy before creating the uha file.