Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dell Kace 1000–Kace Agent Deployment

Its about time to get the KACE Agent out there. The KBOX 1000 can scan for workstations in the network by IP and load the agent on the machines. This will work great once we are done with testing. There is a training room we use for all our deployment testing and the easiest way for me to push this out is via SMS 2003. Entering the system IP into Advance Machine Provisioning requires a lot of typing and not sure how the hostname works yet. I tried the short hostname but didn’t work, might need to enter the full hostname.
I already have my SMS collections created. All I need to do now is create the Kace installation package. Here are some command lines that can be used to install the Kace agent. All those file can be found in kbox files share: \\kbox\client\agent_provisioning\windows_platform

Creating a Kace Agent installation script

Via KInstallerSetup.exe
KInstallerSetup.exe "-server=KBOX -display_mode=silent -ssl_enabled=0 -amp_ssl=0"

Via KInstallerSetupSilent.msi
MsiExec.exe /qn /I KInstallerSetupSilent.msi KINSTALLER_ARGS="-server=KBOX -display_mode=silent -ssl_enabled=0 -amp_ssl=0"

Via agent_provision.bat
agent_provision.bat KBOX client


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